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Sika Deer Verbena wine
Sample Application
Sika Deer whip wine ingredients: Baijiu, water, deer whip, polygonatum, yam, medlar, cinnamon, antler blood, deer tail, Maca powder. Unsuitable population: infants, lactating women, pregnant women Product specification: 100ml / bottle, 125ml / bottle, 250ml / bottle, 500ml / bottle
Place of origin:
Storage condition:
Cool and dry place
Exhibitor Information
Booth No:  E3  A  072
Address:   1288 Tianshan Road, Shuangyang Distric Changchun Jilin
Postcode:  130000
Country/Region:  MAINLAND CHINA
Company Introduction:   The company was founded in 2001, mainly engaged in Sika Deer breeding and deer by-products production and sales, including health wine, solid drinks, health food, etc
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