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Red bean filling
Sample Application
Name: Red bean filling Ingredients: Sugar, Red bean, Soft water, Salt Usage: Bread, Japanese pastry, Snacks, Ice cream
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Storage condition:
Store in a cool and dark place.
Exhibitor Information
Booth No:  W2  D  026
Address:   (Lianzizhen Town) North Side of the Xingtai Hebei
Postcode:  055350
Country/Region:  MAINLAND CHINA
Website:  www.woshicun.cn
Company Introduction:   Hebei Wo Shi Cun Food Technology Co., Ltd. is a processing manufacturer specializing in the production of comprehensive food fillings. We have more than 100 kinds of products, of which themain productsare: red bean paste, red bean fillings, purple potato paste,purple potato powder and other fillings
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